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The Triplet Ballerinas: Dance Talent Show

Written by Beverly Witwer, Illustration by Sandie Sonke

One Spring day, triplet ballerinas, Julie, Macie and Annie, rushed into the Dance Studio for Miss Carol’s ballet class. “Miss Carol is crying,” said Julie. “No, I don’t think she is,” said Macie. “I think it’s allergies.” “Yes, she is definitely crying,” said Annie. “Take a seat on the floor everyone,” said Miss Carol. “I have some bad news.” “The Studio needs some minor repairs to keep everyone safe,” she told them. “We have to close the doors for a little bit since I don’t have all the money for them right now.” “No!” said the triplet ballerinas. “What are we going to do without the Dance Studio?” asked Annie. “Yeah,” said Macie. “What are we going to do?” “The only thing I can think of to do is to somehow raise money for the repairs,” said Miss Carol. Julie waved her arms. “I know what we can do,” she said. “We can have a dance talent show!” “That might work,” said Miss Carol. “We could charge admission and take donations.” “Yay!” said the triplet ballerinas. “We will help you with it,” said Annie. “I know it will work,” said Julie. “Yea, I think it can work,” said Macie. “Okay,” said Miss Carol. “Let’s put on a Dance Talent Show.”

A few weeks later, the triplet ballerinas rushed into the Dance Studio and joined Miss Carol at the long table in front of the stage. Soon, auditions began for the “Dance Talent Show”. Each participant(s) was assigned a number to show in which order they would audition. Miss Carol looked at the paper in front of her and said, “Let’s begin with #1, McKenna.”  McKenna’s dance had many leaps. “Good, but not as spectacular as mine,” said Annie as McKenna left the stage. “#2, Macy and Jacy,” said Miss Carol. Twins Macy and Jacy twirled and whirled and floated in unison all around the stage. “Beautiful,” said Miss Carol. “Oh, no,” said Macie when #3, Jase, walked out on the stage punching the air. Jase bobbed and weaved and bobbed and weaved again. Then, he walked off the stage. Miss Carol sighed and said, “Next.” #4, Meggie, took the stage with a contemporary dance that flowed from one movement to the other. “I like her,” said Julie. “Maybe, let’s move on to #5,” said Miss Carol. For her audition, Kristen, performed a ballet dance that included one plié after another and many turns and small jumps. Annie smiled through the whole dance. “Before we take a break, let’s finish with #6,” said Miss Carol. Sisters Kara and Kayla walked arm-in-arm onto the stage. “Are they twins too?” asked Julie. “No, they are only 18 months apart though,” said Macie. Kara and Kayla did a quick jazz dance. Their arms and legs never stopped moving and they finished at the same time. “Good job, girls,” said Miss Carol. After the break, #7, PJ, auditioned. She loved to tap dance and it showed in her audition. “Ooh,” said the triplet ballerinas. “#8 is next,” said Miss Carol as friends Mandi and Angi took the stage. They added a little extra to their audition when they performed a song and dance number to “Let It Go” from Frozen. Macie smiled and clapped her hands the whole time. “#9, Joss,” said Miss Carol after Mandi and Angi ran off the stage. Joss did a cute hip-hop dance that amazed everyone. “Next is #10, Stevie,” said Miss Carol. Stevie quickly did the YMCA dance before she rushed off the stage. “Okay, next is #11, James and JoJo,” said Miss Carol. James and JoJo performed a perfect waltz. They glided around and around the dance floor. “Very good, James and JoJo,” said Miss Carol. “Last to audition is #12, Lea Jean,” said Miss Carol. “#12, Lea Jean,” said Miss Carol again when Lea Jean did not appear at first. Finally, she ran out to the stage and performed a cha cha slide. Julie got up from her chair and did the cha cha slide right along with her. When Lea Jean was finished, Miss Carol stood up and said, “Thank you everyone for auditioning today; we will let you know soon if you are in the Dance Talent Show.” She then turned to the triplet ballerinas and said, “Triplet ballerinas, let’s go pick our dancers for the Dance Talent Show.”

The day of the Dance Talent Show finally arrived and the chosen dancers gathered backstage. Miss Carol walked out on the stage and said to the large audience, “Welcome to the Dance Talent Show; you will see some wonderful dancers and dances today.” She then nodded backstage to the triplet ballerinas who were guiding the dancers in order onto the stage. The first dancers were Macy and Jacy who danced to “Don’t Start Now”. Macy and Jacy twirled and floated all around the stage with movements that matched perfectly. Next, McKenna danced to “I’m Ready.” Her dance was full of many leaps and turns. Joss followed with a fun hip hop dance to “Say My Name”. The last dance before the grand finale was Kara and Kayla with a jazz dance to “Applause”. Their legs and arms moved so fast, but they finished at the same time. “Our grand finale tonight features the triplet ballerinas, Annie, Macie and Julie,” said Miss Carol. “They will be dancing with backup dancers Mandi, Angi, Meggie, Kristen, PJ and Lea Jean to “Under the Stars”, an appropriate dance I think,” said Miss Carol as she swept her hand across the stage to all the twinkling stars above it. When the music began, Annie leaped, Julie floated, Macie twirled. All the dancers danced again and again, dance after dance before they ended with a curtsey. Miss Carol walked out onto the stage and said, “Weren’t they wonderful? I want to thank you all for coming tonight to help raise money for the Dance Studio.” “I am happy to announce we have reached our goal-the Dance Studio can be repaired right away.” “Yay!” said the triplet ballerinas as they danced around and around.

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