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This children’s picture book is about triplet sisters, Annie, Julie and Macie, who are auditioning to be the STAR of the Spring Ballet Show. Who has the star-quality dance Miss Carol is looking for? Excerpt: “I am the star,” said Annie as she leaped over this and that. “I know I’ll be the star,” said Julie as she floated here and there. “I think I can be the star,” said Macie as she twirled back and forth. Right away, Julie floated everywhere she went while Macie twirled behind her. Annie only leaped over their cat, King Poo Poo, a few times. At the first auditions, Annie leaped. Then, Julie floated. Lastly, Macie twirled. “These dances are not star quality,” said Miss Carol. “Practice them and try again.”

This book is so cute! The story is great and the illustrations are adorable. I can’t wait to share this with my grandchildren.” – Mary Ann (Anniversary Giveaway Winner)

Author Beverly Witwer is a grandmother to seven grandchildren, including triplet granddaughters. She was inspired to write a children’s book about “triplet ballerinas” after watching her triplet granddaughters perform in a Spring program. Beverly resides with her husband near Fort Wayne, Indiana, surrounded by her children and grandchildren.

Illustrator Sandie Sonke loves to create whimsical and colorful illustrations. Her hope is to bring a little happiness to those who view her work: Sandie lives with her family in Southern California.

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