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Ballerinas: Ballet Classes for Young Ballerinas

Pre-ballet classes are often offered to dancers between the ages of 4 and 7. They have become quite popular in private dance studios. These classes typically focus on the foundations of classical ballet technique. The Joffrey Ballet School even has pre-ballet classes for ages 5+, perfect for the beginner ballerina. At this age, dance classes should last no more than two hours per week with each class being an hour each.

There are also classes offered at some ballet studios for the 3-year-old ballerinas. These classes might include a creative movement class in which the teacher would combine movement with music and song to help develop rhythm, coordination and motor skills as well as listening and social skills. A beginning ballet class for those ballerinas 7 to 9 years old might also be offered. This class would typically be designed for beginning and continuing ballet students. The strength and flexibility offered through ballet class will help all young ballerinas of any age though stay healthy and build the foundation of a physically active lifestyle. Beverly

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