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My Triplet Ballerinas… Three Little Miracles, Part 2

Guest Blogger: Megan J.

My triplet ballerinas are my daughters, Makenna Anne, Jaeli Jo and Maysie Jailyn.

My three little miracles are turning into three bright, amazing, young ladies. It’s so fun to watch them grow and become their own person.

Makenna Anne has really become quite the little miss. Her presence is so “grown up”. I can still count on her to help with anything and everything. Thankfully, her food intolerance is becoming so much more manageable and really doesn’t interfere with her everyday life anymore. I love the conversations we share, and it’s amazing to watch the person she is becoming.

Jaeli Jo still has her big heart but likes to hide it. Her teacher commented to me the other day about how funny she is. I see it too; I just wish she would show it more at home. She struggles to sleep at night, and I think it’s because her thoughts just keep spinning and she can’t stop thinking about things that bother her. Hopefully by the time she gets to middle school next year, she will have better control of it.

Maysie Jailyn knows what she wants and is so dramatic until she gets it! I think she will always be dramatic, that is just who she is. I need to encourage her to use it in a positive way. She is also laidback and doesn’t let too much bother her. But when it does bother her, we know! I try to find ways to show her a little extra attention simply because she needs it more than the other two.

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