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My Triplet Ballerinas…A Missing Triplet

My triplet ballerinas are my grand-daughters, Makenna, Jaeli and Maysie. 

When the triplets were little and went everywhere together, we would get asked a lot, “Are they triplets?”

A few years ago, Makenna went on vacation with her aunt, and whenever we went anywhere with Jaeli and Maysie, we were always asked the question of whether they were twins. So, how should you answer that, or should you even answer it? You could simply nod or simply reply, “Yes, they are,” because of course they are twins (the “twins” of the triplets). You could also say, “Yes, but they are twins in triplets with their fraternal triplet who is not here right now.” (What a mouthful, but I have been known to say it!) The best one though is, “No, they are triplet sisters with their other sister.” These last two usually get the biggest reaction of “Wow, triplets!” even with one triplet not there. That year, it was a long week feeling like someone was missing. We were all happy when the triplet sisters were back together.

As they get older, we don’t get asked if they are triplets as much anymore. They probably look like normal siblings now especially since they aren’t always together. I am sure we will never get over that feeling though of someone missing until they are all back together once again. Beverly

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