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Ballerinas: Clothes and Shoes

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The first step in becoming a ballerina is the right clothes and shoes. The ballerina will need a leotard (a simple short sleeve leotard or a tank leotard) and ballet tights and skirt (tutu). She will also need ballet shoes. These can be made of leather or satin and should be a good fit to show pointed feet. They must be clean and have elastic sewn on to keep them in place with the strings at the front tied neatly in a bow and tucked out of sight. For beginners, leather sole ballet slippers are great. When ready to go on pointe, proper pointe shoes are in need. Whichever shoe the ballerina has, a shoe bag will help keep them neat and clean.

For warmup, wool legwarmers and a crossover cardigan are good. These should be taken off though when muscles are warm. It is helpful to pack all this up in a dance bag. Some other things you might want in your bag are a towel, water bottle and a small, healthy snack. Beverly

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