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Ballerinas: Preparation

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It takes many hours of preparation for a ballerina to get ready for a performance. The ballerina will try out lots of hairstyles, hair accessories and makeup. Each performance needs a different costume and a hairstyle that is neat and tidy. Some performances may require a headdress or tiara that will need to be fixed in place whenever the ballerina practices so that she gets used to wearing it. This also keeps it from dropping off her head during the performance when she is doing fast moves such as pirouettes. Even the ballerina’s makeup should be styled in a different way for each performance. Ballerinas wear makeup on stage so that the audience can see their faces clearly-a little bit of makeup on the eyes, lips and cheeks will make the ballerina’s face clear under the bright lights.

The ballerina should get a good night’s sleep the last few nights before a performance. When she arrives at the studio for practice, the ballerina should turn everything else off but dancing which will be good practice for managing emotions when she needs to perform onstage. This is also a good time to release any stress she is feeling about performing. The ballerina needs to always warm up her muscles before practice or a performance to prevent a strain or injury. Finally, some suggestions for food for a few of the ballerina’s meals: Dinner (day before performance) Chicken with potatoes and vegetables (Lots of protein that will help her regain strength). Breakfast (day of performance) Oatmeal with fruit and nuts. Beverly

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