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My Triplet Ballerinas: All About My Triplets, Part 1

Guest blogger: Megan J. My triplet ballerinas are my daughters, Makenna Anne, Jaeli Jo and Maysie Jailyn.

Makenna Anne (Baby A, nickname ATTITUDE. Weighing in at 4lbs 9oz and spent 11 days in the NICU mostly to grow but did come home on a heart monitor for about 6 months.) Makenna was born first and a minute before her sisters. She came out the loudest and today she still is, speaking her mind very clearly and knows who she is and what she wants. She tends to procrastinate and waits until the very last moment to make sure whatever it is she is doing is as perfect as it can be. She is my over-achiever, straight A student.  She sets high goals for herself, sometimes too high, and her expectations are not always realistic. She loves to argue with me and always has to be right. Makenna has always been very artistic, as well as a know-it-all/smarty pants.

Jaeli Jo (Baby B, SASSY. Weighing in at 4lbs 4oz and spent 11 days in the NICU mostly to grow, and also came home on a heart monitor for 6 months.) Jaeli was born second and was by far the easiest, most mellow as a baby. She was the last to walk at 16 months old, just so laid back and didn’t really care about anything – but that has changed a great deal over the years. She tends to hold in her emotions and then when they come out… watch out! It is like the flip of a switch, psycho, and she is proud of it! She only saves this side of herself for me and her siblings though.

Maysie Jailyn (Baby C, DRAMA. Weighing in at 3lbs 11oz and spent 14 days in the NICU to grow and bring her blood sugar down as well, was sent home in a hip brace due to possible hip dysplasia). Maysie was born third and came out crying! Her time in the NICU has probably been the hardest medical care we have had for her. Having to leave her behind at 11 days old while taking the other two home was very hard for me. Leave it to the Drama Queen to extend her stay at the hospital! Because it was not serious, she was moved to the overflow NICU, so I was able to visit her every day and spend more time with her during those 3 days. It was a huge relief to take her home and reunite her with her sisters. I specifically remember being worried about her weight because she was under 4lbs when we left the hospital, but the doctors reassured me she was in good health and would gain the weight she needed to at home. She was the cutest little thing, she looked just like a little monkey sitting there with her legs in her brace, stuck in a sitting position while she watched football with her dad! After a couple weeks, we got to see her big personality and the drama started!

Look for Megan J.’s My Triplet Ballerinas: All About My Triplets, Part 2, next month

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