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My Triplet Ballerinas: Triplet Teenagers! Part 2

Guest Blogger: Megan J.

My triplet ballerinas are my triplet daughters, Makenna Anne, Jaeli Jo and Maysie Jailyn. For the last few years, Makenna has had her own room while Jaeli and Maysie have shared a room. But, the fighting and purposely making each other mad was getting out of control between Jaeli and Maysie so we gave Jaeli her own space. Since then, the fighting has dropped drastically and we are all less stressed! They seem to want to be around each other more and get along better. They still have their moments, but, all around, much happier!  

Makenna in a good mood is always pleasant and special. I love to spend time with her then. I love our talks. I listen more than I talk and try not to “parent” but instead “be a friend” until I feel she needs me to “parent”. I feel she opens up more this way and shares things with me that a lot of kids wouldn’t share with their parents. I want Makenna to feel comfortable opening up and not to be afraid to talk to me about anything. I try not to judge and think before I respond to make her feel comfortable and know that I genuinely care and am listening. I see great things happening with her!  

Jaeli has always been somewhat independent and sharing a room with Maysie was starting to make her feel lost and invisible. She craves her own space, her privacy. Her dad and I decided she needed that for her own sanity—and mine! So, we converted an area in the lower floor of our home that is just hers. Jaeli loves it and has been so much happier since. She does tend to keep to herself but seems to enjoy the time she spends with her sisters now. Hopefully, being happier will also push her to show the world the sweet, amazing, caring heart that we have seen and know she has always had.  

Maysie is obsessed with make-up. I must constantly remind her to pick up after herself, because I always find her bathroom counter is covered in make-up dust. She also has a very strict bedtime schedule, and if she can’t stick to it, it “messes up everything!” Maysie can’t go to bed without telling me and her grandma “good night” (even if it is only in a text). If we don’t say it back, she says she can’t sleep. She has the most love out of any of the girls, but she keeps it in and only shows it when it benefits her. I have been trying to teach her to let it out and to show people how amazing she is.

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