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The Triplet Ballerinas: Dance Talent Show, Part 1

Written by Beverly Witwer, Illustration below by Sandie Sonke


One Spring day, triplet ballerinas, Julie, Macie and Annie, rushed into the Dance Studio for Miss Carol’s ballet class.

“Miss Carol is crying,” said Julie. “No, I don’t think she is,” said Macie. “I think it’s allergies.”

“Yes, she is definitely crying,” said Annie.

“Take a seat on the floor everyone,” said Miss Carol. “I have some bad news.”

“The Studio needs some minor repairs to keep everyone safe,” she told them. “We have to close the doors for a little bit since I don’t have all the money for them right now.”

“No!” said the triplet ballerinas.

“What are we going to do without the Dance Studio?” asked Annie. “Yeah,” said Macie. “What are we going to do?”

“The only thing I can think of to do is to somehow raise money for the repairs,” said Miss Carol.

Julie waved her arms. “I know what we can do,” she said. “We can have a dance talent show!”

“That might work,” said Miss Carol. “We could charge admission and take donations.”

“Yay!” said the triplet ballerinas.

“We will help you with it,” said Annie. “I know it will work,” said Julie. “Yea, I think it can work,” said Macie.

“Okay.” said Miss Carol. “Let’s put on a Dance Talent Show.”

Look for Part 2 of “The Triplet Ballerinas: Dance Talent Show” on April 30, 2021.

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