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My Triplet Ballerinas: Triplet Teenagers

My triplet ballerinas are my triplet grand-daughters, Makenna, Jaeli and Maysie. As my triplet granddaughters approach the teenage years, I have become aware that they will probably not want to spend as much time with me as they used to. Even a few years ago, Jaeli was pretty attached to me. On my trip to Germany in 2018, I would have to answer calls from her in the middle of the night because she missed me constantly. These days, I know she still loves me, but she doesn’t need me as much and I have accepted that (somewhat!). Makenna has always been independent and mature, so I became used to early on accepting whatever time she gave me, but, in some ways, Maysie is still that little girl who needs me as much as Jaeli used to.

In the words of my daughter, Megan: My youngest triplet, Maysie, has been spending a lot of time with her Grandma since this pandemic started. It’s been rough at times not having her here. I miss her a lot, but there sure is a lot less drama! I think she enjoys being alone, without her sisters. When she is home, they seem to fight more with her. I am worried she has jeopardized her relationship with her sisters, as Makenna and Jaeli have become really close. Hopefully, when she comes home for good, things will get back to normal for all of them. She has always felt “left out” and that she doesn’t connect with anyone like her sisters do. My goal with this is to make her feel like she is special in Grandma’s eyes. She needs it. It has always broken my heart in the past to hear her say no one loves her. Although I have tried to show her some extra attention, it wasn’t enough. The time she is spending with Grandma not only helps her, but I think it helps my mom as well. They need each other during this tough time, so I can’t take that away from either of them.

It was such a joy and comfort to spend all that time with Maysie. It brought us closer together and she still spends an occasional Saturday night with me without her sisters. I think Maysie loves the quiet and early bedtime here compared to at home where she shares a bedroom with Jaeli who tends to stay up late on the weekends. I will cherish any time I have with her and her sisters for however much longer it lasts as they become full-fledged teenagers this summer. Beverly

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