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A Ballerina Book: “We Love Ballet!”

We Love Ballet!

“We Love Ballet!” by Jane Feldman is not an illustrated picture book but is a picture book of photographs. It is a story told in photos and first-person text of Ursula. Ursula and her friends, Megan and Norma, love ballet. Miss Suzanne and Miss Danielle, their ballet teachers, teach them to have fun and always do their best.

“We Love Ballet!” is full of ballet terms (which I love!) and text that explains what is happening in each photo. It takes us on a journey of Ursula and her friends becoming ballerinas in Miss Suzanne’s beginner ballet class and gives us a glimpse of how ballet and dance are even prominent in Ursula’s home life. Although it’s not a typical picture book, it still inspired me with so many ideas for my picture book and will remain on my keeper shelf. Beverly

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