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A Ballerina Book: “The Very Fairy Princess Takes The Stage”

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“The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage” is one of “The Very Fairy Princess” books written by Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. It is illustrated by Christine Davenier. These books are about Geraldine, the fairy princess. In this story, Geraldine’s ballet teacher, Madame Danielle, has made up a new show for their spring performance and Geraldine thinks she is perfect for the starring role. But, Madame Danielle doesn’t agree and Geraldine ends up with a lesser role. She is not happy with the costume for this role at all! Geraldine makes the most of her situation though and even ends up saving the day.

I love this book and I love Geraldine. The illustrator has brought Geraldine and all her antics to life. I also love the ballet terms sprinkled throughout. This is another children’s book that inspired me with my own story. This book will happily remain on my “keeper” shelf since you cannot go wrong with a book written by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton. Beverly

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