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A Ballerina Book: “Tallulah’s Solo”

“Tallulah’s Solo” is written by Marilyn Singer and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger. This is a picture book about a little girl named Tallulah who knows she is an excellent ballet dancer and expects to be doing a solo in the winter recital. She is excited to introduce her little brother, Beckett, to ballet and is sure he will be an excellent ballet dancer too. Beckett is more interested in playing and fooling around though. At the recital audition for “The Frog Prince”, Tallulah is sure she will be given a solo part. But then, something unexpected happens that Tallulah is not happy about at all. In the end, though, Tallulah does the right thing and is soon rewarded.

I love this book. It was one of the ballerina books I read when I first started to write “The Triplet Ballerinas” and it sparked so many ideas in my head. “Tallulah’s Solo” is mostly set in the ballet world and is full of ballet terms with illustrations that make them come to life. But it also tells a story about the relationship between another set of siblings who come together in the end. This book is sure to remain on my “keeper” shelf. Beverly  

(Look for a new “A Ballerina Book” post every month to add to “The Ballerinas Blog” lineup.) 

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