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My Triplet Ballerinas: Best Friends for Life

My triplet ballerinas are my grand-daughters, Makenna, Jaeli and Maysie. Once in awhile, I will watch a movie or a TV show that reminds me of them.

Recently, I watched a movie about a tomboyish 12-year-old girl, Ryan, who was best friends all through elementary school with Tina. Tina spent the summer before they started middle school visiting relatives. She returned on the first day of school wearing fashionable clothes and makeup and soon attracted the attention of boys. Tina moved on with a new, popular crowd. Meanwhile, Ryan was still a tomboy starting something new on her own because the person she thought she could count on had left her behind. Since Ryan only had one friend her whole life, she was uncertain how to make a new friend and ended up alone.

While I watched this movie, I compared Ryan and Tina to my own triplet granddaughters. I don’t think any of them will feel so alone the way Ryan does in this movie because they will always have each other. They have best friends for life who can never leave them behind (even if they want to). Hopefully, when the triplets themselves start middle school soon, they will have no problems making friends separate from each other because they know what it is like to have more than one best friend. I am sure they will always be able to count on each other also no matter how much they might change. Beverly

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