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My Triplet Ballerinas: Triplet Identity

Guest Blogger: Megan J. My triplet ballerinas are my daughters Makenna Anne, Jaeli Jo and Maysie Jailyn.

As triplets, the girls sometimes struggle finding their own identity. Many times, they are referred to as “the triplets” or even my identical twins within the set as “the twins”. I, too, often do this and I need to be more considerate and refer to them as individuals.

With all three in the same grade at school, they “share” friends, and even a few cousins, close in age. Sometimes, Jaeli struggles to feel “seen”. She will come to me with tears in her eyes and say that she feels “invisible”. She feels as though Makenna and Maysie get more attention and others want to be their friend, but not hers. This makes me very sad. Jaeli has the biggest heart of the three girls and, although she has a temper on her, she is the most loving and also the most shy.

Jaeli and I have sat down and discussed ways we can make her feel more included and “seen”. Together, we decided a sleepover at her cousins by herself would be a great start. We will continue to find ways to help her discover who she is and how she can open herself up to make new friends outside of her sisters.

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