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Ballerinas: Positions

All the movements in ballet come from five positions. The basic ballet positions for arms and feet are simply known as “First Position”, “Second Position”, “Third Position”, “Fourth Position” and “Fifth Position”. All basic ballet moves start from and end in one of these five positions or a slight variation of.

First Position: Hold your arms in a circle in front of your ribs and turn your legs out from the top of your legs down to your heels. This is the easiest ballet position for the feet.

Second Position: Open your arms to a rounded position with the hands lower than the shoulders and with a space between your feet as wide as your hips. Make sure your legs are still turned out. The position of your feet are similar to “First Position” except your feet are farther apart.

Third Position: One arm stays in “Second Position” and the other arm moves to “First Position”. Your legs should be together with the front foot halfway across the back foot. This position is a bit difficult for beginners to perform.

Fourth Position: Lift the front arm into a round position over your head. Slide the front foot forward so there is a space between your legs.

Fifth Position: Move both arms in a circle above your head. The fingers on both hands don’t touch each other. Cross your front foot so only the big toe of the other foot can be seen and the feet are touching. This is the most widely recognized position in ballet.

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