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My Journey…Critiques

The Triplet Ballerinas

During the years of writing “The Triplet Ballerinas”, I received many critiques of my story/writing. The critiques became better as my writing became better. The first few ones were pretty discouraging, especially the one I received from a male editor on Mother’s Day! I almost quit then, but I persevered and, with each critique and advice, my manuscript improved.

Here is an excerpt from one of my later critiques: “The story feels more tightly focused on Annie, and we are now clearly inside her perspective. Conflict is introduced earlier in the story. And the story is more focused overall—there are fewer elements that fall outside of the main story line. However, as is usually the process, as you make forward progress with each revision, it can also become even more clear what other story elements still need to be addressed. I don’t feel a deep connection to Annie, or that…

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