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My Journey…Self-Publishing (Illustrator)

In the research of how to find a children’s book illustrator, I discovered I first needed an interior designer for my book. An interior designer of a children’s picture book is usually a graphic designer who lays out the interior of the book and helps decide what size the book should be. They work with the illustrator and determine how the text and illustrations fit on each page of the book. Luckily, I had no problem finding an interior designer, but it was a long, sometimes frustrating, search for an illustrator whose illustrating style was a good fit for “The Triplet Ballerinas”. I searched many illustrator portfolios to constantly find someone I liked and then turned down for one reason or another. I decided to try one more website and found Sandie Sonke, an illustrator whose style I really liked. I contacted Sandie who asked to read my manuscript and then decided to illustrate my book for the amount I had budgeted for an illustrator. After many months, my journey to find an illustrator for “The Triplet Ballerinas” was finally successful! Beverly

Illustrator Sandie Sonke loves to create whimsical and colorful illustrations. Her hope is to bring a little happiness to those who view her work: Sandie lives with her family in Southern California. 

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