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Guest Blogger: Megan JMy triplet ballerinas are my daughters, Makenna Anne, Jaeli Jo and Maysie Jailyn. Being a mom to triplet daughters has its ups and downs. Teaching them how to walk and talk, their ABC’s and right from wrong is in the past. Now that they are older, new challenges appear every day.

Makenna Anne sometimes pushes herself too much to be perfect and stresses herself out. She proves everyday how smart she is though. Yelling at Makenna is not an option since she gets very emotional. She does so much better when issues are talked through calmly.

Jaeli Jo is still very sassy! She tries hard to be “good” but tends to bring out her “evil” side when trying to get her own way. At times, reasoning with Jaeli works well, but she becomes very emotional when she does something wrong or her feelings are hurt.

Maysie Jailyn overreacts to most situations and must be reminded frequently to take it down a notch. This can sometimes bring out a “selfish” side to her that she is trying to overcome. Making the “right” choices (especially with food) can be difficult at times for Maysie, but she is doing better with it.

After struggling to get pregnant, then getting pregnant with three little girls at once, I will forever cherish my time with my girls and the love they bring to our lives every day. From the moment they were born, my life changed for the better. They truly will always be my three little miracles.

A Ballerina Book: “The Very Fairy Princess Takes The Stage”

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“The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage” is one of “The Very Fairy Princess” books written by Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. It is illustrated by Christine Davenier. These books are about Geraldine, the fairy princess. In this story, Geraldine’s ballet teacher, Madame Danielle, has made up a new show for their spring performance and Geraldine thinks she is perfect for the starring role. But, Madame Danielle doesn’t agree and Geraldine ends up with a lesser role. She is not happy with the costume for this role at all! Geraldine makes the most of her situation though and even ends up saving the day.

I love this book and I love Geraldine. The illustrator has brought Geraldine and all her antics to life. I also love the ballet terms sprinkled throughout. This is another children’s book that inspired me with my own story. This book will happily remain on my “keeper” shelf since you cannot go wrong with a book written by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton. Beverly

Ballerinas: Partners

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In ballet, a “pas de deux” is a dance duet in which two dancers perform ballet steps together. It is mostly, but not always, performed by a male and a female. With a strong partner, the ballerina can balance for longer, jump higher and perform more pirouettes. The pas de deux is characteristic of classical ballet and can be found in many well-known ballets such as Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake.

Another partner dance in ballet is the “pas de trois“. This is a dance with three people. Typically, this dance consists of five parts: the opening number for the three dancers, a solo for the first dancer, a solo for the second dancer, a solo for the third dancer and then a finale (usually set to music of a quick tempo) in which the dancers bring the piece to a spectacular finish. I think this one is my favorite partner dance. There is just something about three people dancing together… Beverly


Guest Blogger: Megan JMy triplet ballerinas are my daughters, Makenna Anne, Jaeli Jo and Maysie Jailyn. My three little miracles have turned into three beautiful young ladies. It is so fun to watch them grow and become their own person.

Makenna Anne is my free-spirited girl and always there when I need her. I know I can count on her help with anything. Makenna still has an attitude at times, but rarely fights with her siblings anymore. I love the conversations we share, and it is amazing to watch the person she is becoming.

Jaeli Jo has a very spunky personality. She still has her big heart but sometimes hides it. She is very funny and loves to make jokes. Jaeli wants to be recognized for any good reason. She is so smart and shows it when she tries to explain what she is talking about at the time.

Maysie Jailyn knows what she wants and is so dramatic until she gets it! I think she will always be dramatic, that is just who she is. I need to encourage her to use it in a positive way though. Maysie has much love to give and wants it given back 100% every day with a little bit of extra attention thrown in!

Look for Part 3 of Megan J.’s blog, “Three Little Miracles”, next month.

A Ballerina Book: “Ballerina Rosie”

“Ballerina Rosie” is written by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, and illustrated by Caldecott Honor artist Diane Goode. This is a picture book about Rosie, who loves to dance. Her mother decides it is time for Rosie to begin ballet school. When Rosie starts ballet classes, she learns that it not only takes practice and hard work but also self-confidence.

I loved this book. It was a little long but told a great story about dreams and working hard to make those dreams successful. My favorite part though was when Rosie demonstrated her version of a few ballet moves. The illustrator brought Rosie to life with her drawings and the author with her words. Beverly


Guest Blogger: Megan J. My triplet ballerinas are my daughters, Makenna Anne, Jaeli Jo and Maysie Jailyn. My triplet daughters, these three little miracles, each have their own unique personality.

Makenna Anne is the first born. From the moment Makenna took her first breath, she has made her presence known. With the loudest cry and weighing the most of the three, Makenna had our attention from minute one. She knows what she wants and doesn’t give up until she gets it. She can be very independent, liking to do things on her own, but she also sometimes gets into a great deal of trouble when doing so!

Jaeli Jo was born second. Jaeli has always melted the hearts of those around her. She has been by far the easiest of the three, but we occasionally get a glimpse of a temper. She can be easily reasoned with though and is always looking for ways to make you smile. She is very silly when trying to make you laugh and cries with you when you are sad. She enjoys her alone time, but she loves to be with her friends and her sisters too.

Maysie Jailyn was the last to be born and the smallest. Maysie has continuously showed us what love is all about. We felt the most heartache with her in the NICU with her bad diaper rash and low sugar. She always keeps us on our toes. The drama this girl has just shows how passionate she is. Attention is what she craves and probably always will. She loves and needs her one-on-one times and makes it very well known!

Look for Part 2 of Megan J.’s blog, “Three Little Miracles”, next month.

Ballerinas: Pas De Chat

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Pas de chat  (pah duh shah) is French for “cat’s step” and is a classical ballet term meaning “Step of a Cat” since the step resembles a cat-like jump. Pas de chat is a leap from one foot to the other before the feet are drawn up and the knees are bent at the level of the opposite knee to form a diamond with the legs. To finish a pas de chat, the ballerina should land lightly like a cat, one leg after the other.

Pas de chat is a very quick step that usually happens on one count of music. It is a quite difficult move because the legs lift quickly one after the other. The first known use of pas de chat was in 1914. Beverly

A Ballerina Book: “I Want To Be A Ballerina”

“I Want to Be a Ballerina” is written by Anna Membrino and illustrated by Smiljana Coh. This is a picture book about Mia who wants to be a ballerina just like her big sister. In this book, Mia’s sister teaches her there is more to being a ballerina than just putting on the right clothes.

This is a cute, simple story about a little girl who just wants to be a ballerina. It tells a story of working hard to get what you want. “I Want to Be a Ballerina” is told in 1st Person from Mia’s point of view. The illustrations are so beautiful and intricate. I loved it. Beverly

My Triplet Ballerinas: Summer One-on-One Times

My triplet ballerinas are my triplet grand-daughters, Makenna, Jaeli and Maysie. When the triplets were younger, they still wanted a little alone time with Grandma during the summer months.

The summer the triplets turned 8, I started organizing individual one-on-one times with each of them. The chosen triplet would have overnight time once during the summer. But, they always wanted more time with me, so I would add visits here and there during the summer days for some mini one-on-one times that never seemed to be enough.

The summer the triplets turned 9, we finally found a system that we were all happy with and worked for a few years. Each triplet had a day with me of doing something special they liked with an overnight before or after. Sadly, due to the pandemic this year and them growing up and more interested in their electronics, summer one-on-one time has probably come to an end. But, I will always treasure the memories of the times I had a little alone time with each of them getting to know the special young ladies they are. Beverly      


Ballerinas: Pliés

active adult artist ballerina

Plié (plee-ay) is a movement in ballet in which the knees are bent outward while the back is held straight. There are two versions of a plié: demi-plié and grand plié. Demi-plié is a small or half bend of the knees with the heels securely on the ground. Grand plié is a full or large bend of the knees. The knees should be bent until the thighs are horizontal to the floor.

Pliés act as a springboard for all jumps. They also build strength and turnout in the legs and hip joints while absorbing shock. Correct use and development of a plié is a basic but essential movement to a dancer’s technique. Pliés are the foundation of every turn, jump and landing in ballet. Beverly