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Welcome to my website and thank you for checking out my blog. After “The Triplet Ballerina” releases on January 8th, I will start posting here once a week. The first week of every month, I am planning on posting about “My Triplet Ballerinas…”. This will be stories about my own triplet grand-daughters. The second week, I am planning on posting about “My Journey…”. This may be my journey to writing my children’s book, my journey in researching my story or even my journey to self-publishing. The third week, I am planning on a guest blogger of triplet girls sharing their own stories of “My Triplet Ballerinas…”. The last week of the month, I am planning on posting about “My Thoughts…”. This may be thoughts on being a writer, a grandma to triplet girls, something I came across in my career of being an author/self-publisher or whatever else I may be thinking about that day! Beverly

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